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Oceaneer: From the Bottom of the Sea to the Boardroom
by Mike Hughes

This memoir by Mike Hughes recounts his journey from commercial diver to Chairman of Oceaneering  International and the evolution of that business into the world’s largest underwater service company.

197pp.  2015       Hardcover

Item #1719


Handbook of the Oil Industry: Terms & Phrases, 6th ed.
by Robert D Langenkamp, revised and updated by R. Dobie Langenkamp

Updated after 20 years, the new 6th edition combines a father/son team whose experience in the petroleum industry spans more than 75 years.  The handbook provides a fresh set of terms and phrases that have been introduced to the industry over the past two decades, and still includes many historical references from the early days.  The new edition adds more than 500 new terms and reflects the growth of oil exploration overseas, the emergence of national oil companies, and increased complexity of deal making.            614pp.  2014       Softcover


Item# 1643

Career Revolutionary

Oilfield Revolutionary: The Career of Everette Lee DeGolyer
by Houston Faust Mount II

Mr. DeGolyer helped to make geophysics central to oil exploration.  The author develops his account of Mr. DeGolyer’s career to provide a lens through which to examine the rising fortunes of earth scientists in the oil industry and in government.  The text is supported by illustrations including several maps.

352pp.  28 b&w photos.                   7 line art.  7 maps.  Bib.               2014       Hardcover

Item# 1621


Petrochemicals: In Nontechnical Language 4th ed.
by Donald L Burdick and William L Leffler

This historically best seller was completely rewritten in 2010.  With chapters on all the base chemicals and derivatives plus seven new ones covering the Fischer-Tropsch process, polyurethane, epoxy resins and more it is now the definitive book for understanding the mysteries of the petrochemical industry.  Still offering readers the easy to understand diagrams, charts and tables, plus the digestible chapter reviews; this classic provides the information that every person in the industry needs.

460pp.  2010       Hardcover

Item# 1457


Petroleum Refining: In Nontechnical Language 4th ed.
by William Leffler

This book is designed to give the reader an overview of key refining topics by using relevant analogies, easy-to understand graphs, formulas, and illustrations.  New to this edition is information on the nature of crude oil and raw materials and a comprehensive discussion on what sets crude oil and oil products price differentials.  Also new is a chapter on lubricants as well as the latest technologies employed by refiners.  This book can be used for self-study, as a classroom text book or as a quick reference.

270pp.  2008       Hardcover

Item# 1575


Postcard History Series: Texas Oil & Gas
by Jeff A Spencer

This book documents in postcards the rapid growth of the Texas petroleum industry from its beginnings near Corsicana in the 1890s through the next several decades of oil booms throughout the state.

128pp.  266 black & white images             2013       Paperback

Item# 1627

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