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Modern Marvels: The Secrets of Oil The History Channel - DVD
Around 65% of a barrel of oil is made into gasoline or diesel fuel.  This DVD focuses on the other 35%.  It begins by explaining the make -up of hydrocarbons and feedstocks; then moves into the Refining Process covering Distillation, Hydrocleaning and Cracking.  The process of making propane, plastics, lubricants, and asphalt materials are all well covered.  The last portion moves into the future to discuss possible alternatives such as bio asphalt and plastics made from natural gas as well as new methods of recycling.  

50 minutes

Item #1557


Diver Down - DVD
by National Geographic

Meet the Delta Divers, a team of highly skilled underwater adventurers who descend hundreds of feet beneath the ocean’s surface to dismantle offshore rigs.
50 minutes 2010

Item# 1415


Black Gold: The Story of Oil
by History Channel

This “History of Oil” begins with the invention of kerosene in the 1850’s.  It covers the growth of Oil’s dominance of the worlds industry and energy markets into the 20th Century as well as the stories of the men like Rockefeller and Mellon that made it happen.
50 Minutes

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Petroleum Refining: History/ Oil Patch to Refinery/ Crude Oil
By William L. Leffler

In this DVD Dr. Leffler outlines the history of the petroleum industry, its milestones and accomplishments.  Then he provides an overview of how the oil gets from the oil patch to the refinery.  He concludes by explaining the composition of crude oil and discussing the qualities and characteristics of each type of crude.  20.33 minutes  2009

Item# 1461

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