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Bluebonnet at the Ocean Star Museum


By Mary Brooke Casad
Bluebonnet the armadillo’s newest adventure takes place aboard the Ocean Star when she tags along with a school group touring the museum.  There she meets a new pelican friend, “Red” namesake of “Red Adair” and learns all about the oil and gas industry. 

30pp. 2012

Item #1476


My Oil Field Family

Young Ruthie introduces us to her family who have worked worldwide in the onshore oil field for generations. She talks to us about their jobs and how they live with their work ‘family’ and that makes her very happy knowing that they look after each other 24/7.


Item# 1771


My Daddy Works on an Offshore Oil Rig
By John & Julie Loftus and Blake Cloke
Published in 2013; this book was created as a resource to help a child understand why daddy goes away to work for weeks at a time.  It describes life offshore and delivers a message about the importance of safety both at work and home.  30pp.   2013       Paperback

Item# 1605




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