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Oil People
by Natalie Bright

For 150 years, geologists, engineers, and researchers have devoted their life’s work to following the elusive trail of oil.  This hunt is propelled by science and technology along with the tireless efforts of skilled professionals and dedicated laborers.  In “Oil People”, Natalie Bright describes the processes involved in refining crude oil and identifies the workers; putting faces to the people and families who are crucial to the industry. Written for upper middle grade level comprehension; the book offers opportunities to connect with the subject areas of geography, history and science as well as the exploration of themes including energy, fossil fuels, industrial age, crude oil refining and petrochemicals.  It contains a complete glossary and lots of full color photographs.
32pp.  2010 Hardback

Item #1419


Extreme Jobs: Life on a Oil Rig
by Drew Nelson - Grades 3-6

This book is part of a series written about extreme careers.  It covers all aspects of working off shore and provides a good overview of the industry.  The book begins with the history of the offshore oil industry, then covers the different type of oil rigs and how they operate as well as the different types of jobs available, safety measures and how workers spend their spare time while offshore.  There are lots of great pictures and a glossary, index and suggestions on how to find more information about the topic.

Paperback           2013         32pp.

Item #1547


Gaston Lays an Offshore Pipeline
By James Rice
All Ages

Intrepid Gaston is back.  This time he is helping to lay an offshore pipeline in the Gulf of Mexico.  Gaston takes on the job of welder, diver and rigger to assist in obtaining much needed oil.  The locale, terminology and techniques described in this book are authentic.  29pp. 2007 Hardback

Item# 1105


Gaston Drills an Offshore Oil Well
by James Rice
All ages

Intrepid Gaston, the green-nosed alligator from "A Cajun Night Before Christmas", embarks on a brand-new adventure, drilling an oilwell in the Gulf of Mexico. The locale, terminology, and techniques described in this book are all authentic. It gives young people a basic introduction to the problems and procedures involved in producing America's oil.  38pp. 2002 Hardback

Item# 610


This Is Your Government - The Department of Energy
Phillip Margulies
Ages: 10 and up

This book is part of a series introducing readers to some of the most important cabinet-level offices, their responsibilities and the effects of their decisions on the citizens of our country. 

This volume includes the history of the Department of Energy, profiles some of its most prominent secretaries, and provides a thorough examination of the work performed there.  64pp. 2006 Hardback

Item# 1093


Monster Machines: Drilling Rigs
by Kenny Allen
Grades 1-3

This small concise book covers all of the basics of drilling for oil.   It answers questions like what is a Drilling Rig and explains bore holes and drilling mud in easy to understand terms.  There are lots of great pictures and both a glossary and index.

Paperback           2013         24pp.

Item# 1546

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