2018 Industry Pioneer

Peter Lovie

An engineer from Scotland, Peter Lovie immigrated to Houston in 1967 at the age of 29.  He started Engineering Technology Analysts, Inc. (ETA), in Houston in 1970.  ETA went from nothing to four years later securing a contract to design the two world’s largest jackups, with 508 ft. long legs for North Sea operation.  Peter’s team of brainy millennials at ETA had challenged the Big Four jackup designer-builders of the day.  Peter’s patent described a leg design with cast steel joints that was lighter and stronger.  One of these jackups - Dyvi Beta – is currently still in service.  Twenty (20) other ETA designed jackups were delivered from 1976-1982; of these, thirteen (13) are still in service today.  Four other established builders utilized ETA’s leg chord design to build twenty-eight (28) other jackups. 

Peter pioneered subsea processing systems in 1988-1994 – prematurely – then championed floating production, including FPSOs in U.S. Gulf of Mexico, from the arduous 1996-2001 regulatory approval in principle, to developing Jones Act shuttle tanker solutions and 2007’s contracting for the first FPSO in U.S. Gulf of Mexico at the Cascade/Chinook development in 8,300 ft. of water, while employed at Devon Energy.