2011 Industry Pioneers

JOHN R. HUFFJohn R. Huff

John Huff worked for two pioneering drilling companies; the Offshore Company and Zapata Offshore, before joining Western Oceanic as VP Engineering, Sales and Operations, eventually becoming Chairman and CEO. He worked worldwide, developing a detailed knowledge of offshore operations. This knowledge provided the necessary background when he joined Oceaneering International in 1986 as President and Chief Executive Officer, leading the company to become the premier organization in underwater technology. Oceaneering is the world’s largest operator and manufacturer of ROVs (remotely operated vehicles), intervention tools and specialized subsea products. John’s pioneering technologies provided an array of services to customers
operating in other harsh environments, including deep ocean basins and outer space. Oceaneering’s Advanced Technologies Group applies tools and techniques from the offshore and subsea support business to other industries, including specialized submarine repair, deep ocean search and recovery, as well as most of NASA’s extra vehicular activities
tools (EVA) and the latest generation space suit.