Knowledge Box:

The Knowledge Box is a free traveling classroom exhibit for students in grades 6-12 showcasing the oil and gas industry through interactive technology, hands-on activities, posters and multimedia presentations. Curriculum in the Knowledge Box is correlated to State and national Standards. After completing a Project E3 Workshop, teachers are eligible to reserve the Knowledge Box for a period up to 30 days for their classroom use.

What’s in the Knowledge Box?

  • Teacher Binder with Activity & Lab Guides
  • 21 Videos/CDs/DVDs
  • 3 Envelopes/Pamphlets
  • 13 Activity /Resource Books
  • Contour Model Kits
  • Oil & Gas: The Production Story
  • Geology Demonstration Kit
  • Drill Bit Model & PIG Model
  • Polydensity Tubes (10) with bag of plastic pellets
  • 10 Models and Kits
  • Ride a Carbon Cycle Game
  • 5 Stereoscopes
  • 6 Interactive board Games
  • Rock Samples and Oil Sample
  • Geoblox Petroleum Game
  • 15 Publications
  • Game Pieces, Dice and Poker Chips
  • Pangea, Plate Tectonics & Continental Mat & Cutter
  • Teacher Manual
  • 15 copies of Earth’s Energy
  • Updated TEKS Correlations

The Knowledge Box enables students to:

  • Describe the origin of oil and natural gas
  • Discuss the importance of petroleum in our lives
  • Evaluate the economic and environmental impact/issues of fossil fuels
  • Understand the economic significance of the petroleum industry
  • List everyday objects made from petroleum


Knowledge Box Development sponsored by American Association of Drilling Engineers in conjunction with the Oilfield Energy Center.

Workshops Schedule:

Saturday, March 3, 2018
Saturday, Mary 19, 2018
Friday, July 13, 2018
Saturday, September 29, 2018



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