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OceanStar Offshore Drilling Rig & Museum Tour Guide Book 20th Anniversary Special
With over 150 pictures of all three inside levels and both outside decks, this guide will direct you through the museum one exhibit at a time. It contains concise information about all of the museum’s displays, models and equipment. Several hand-outs located in the museum are duplicated as well. This guide will provide you with the entire Ocean Star experience with the exception of the smell of the sea and the sound of the sea gulls. This guide was updated in 2013.

47pp. 2013  Paperback

Item #1106

Global Oil and Gas

A Small Difference: Raymond Plank Founder of Apache Corporation
by Raymond Plank

This is the memoir of the founder of Apache Corporation, Raymond Plank.  Mr. Plank built Apache into one of the world’s top independent oil and gas exploration and production companies, with global operations and a market capitalization surpassing $50 billion.   333 pp.   2012       Paperback

Item# 1573


Introduction to the Global Oil & Gas Business
by Samuel A. Van Victor

To the casual observer, the oil business seems constant and unchanging.  The familiarity of the oil industry’s retail outlets masks extraordinary changes in how the industry engages in its four primary sectors of activity: finding and producing crude oil, transportation, refining, and marketing.  This book chronicles the oil industry’s transformation over the last century and discusses its future.  You will find the book to be a concise introduction to the industry covering everything from supply, demand and pricing; to the markets, policy and players; to alternative energy sources. 184 pp. 2010  Hardcover

Item# 1418


Oilfield Child
by Estha Brisco Stowe

Ms. Stowe tells her own story of growing up in the Texas oil fields during the 1920s and 1930s. Lots of pictures.  
177pp. 1989 Paperback

Item# 469

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